Where to find helpful information

Click on the items below to find a list of places you can find valuable information on healthy eating:

These include My fitness pal and Carbs and Cals which list an increasing range of up-to-date restaurant/takeaway and coffee shop nutrition information.
The Carbs & Cals app is also a useful guide to show the carb content in pictures such as a scoop of mashed potato, a bread roll or a portion of chips or rice on a plate. You can get a good visual guide which you can match to the portion size you are having. Though the meal is unlikely to be exactly the same.
Many restaurant and takeaway chains list the carbohydrate values of their menus on their websites. You can look ahead at these to avoid time trawling through everything at the dinner table! However, you could look up values on your phone at the restaurant.
You can look at the nutrition information Supermarket takeaway type meals or other pre-prepared/ready meals so get an idea of the carb values.

Other ingredients can also affect your glucose levels as takeaway and restaurant meals can be higher in fat compared to what you make at home.

Fat slows down the absorption of carbohydrates from your stomach, which can mean that your insulin may hit your bloodstream before the carbohydrate has been fully absorbed. Glucose levels could fall after eating and then rise considerably much later on, even throughout the night for meals such as pizza, fish and chips, rich creamy pasta or curries. 

Don’t be surprised if you need larger than usually calculated doses of insulin for a high-fat meal and also for one with a lot more protein, a large portion of meat or chicken for example. And, if you do, it is a good idea to split the dose between the beginning and end of the meal. 

💡 Keep a note of when you do eat out and use your experience to remind yourself of your insulin doses for next time! 

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