What can be difficult?

It’s nice to enjoy eating out. This might be a meal at a friend’s house or in a restaurant or coffee shop or having a takeaway dinner. Whatever it is, you are likely to be facing different choices of food, different ingredients, recipes and portions compared to food that you eat at home. This makes carb counting trickier.

Also, the change to your routine when you eat out can affect your diabetes levels. You might be out much later than usual or just being a lot busier, dashing about getting ready. If you are having a drink, any alcohol or carbs in the drink can also have an impact on your glucose levels. 

From the point of view of the carbs, it is often a question of “guesstimating” the carbohydrate in your pasta or curry, or whatever you enjoy.  Monitor how the glucose levels change after your meal to learn how your choice of insulin dose worked and this can help you the next time.  

Watch the video below for more information about managing eating out:

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