Eating out case studies

What would you do?

Explore two scenarios you may encounter if you have diabetes and you’re eating out.

Find out more about each person by clicking the arrows below the pictures and then let us know what you would do if you were in their shoes. You can post your responses at the botttom of the page. You will also be able to see what others would do.

If you’re not comfortable sharing your thoughts, don’t worry! Feel free to take a look at what others have said. Click on the arrows under the pictures to reveal the scenario.

Add your contribution and then click on the arrows under the pictures to reveal guidance and compare your ideas with ours:

3 thoughts on “Eating out case studies”

  1. Sorry, I couldn’t see all the stages & info given. For a meal out in the evening I would suggest 2 injections maybe before & during.
    For the wedding I would suggest several injections spaced out through the day & a lot of checking of blood sugars.

  2. Unless Zola knows what she is having and when it will be served she should ask the serving staff when it will be coming and air on the side of caution and do a top up fast acting when the food arrives.

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