Grabbing a coffee

It’s a given that eating out may affect your diabetes but what happens if you pop to a cafe for a coffee? 

A popular way to hang out with friends is to meet for a coffee. It’s also common to grab a latte on the way to college or work. We know there are carbohydrates in cakes and biscuits but do you know how much there could be in your coffee? An extra insulin injection may be required! 

See some examples of the carbohydrate content in different coffees below. You can also find this information online or from the Carbs & Cals app.   

It’s not just coffee you need to think about. Fresh juices and many soft drinks have sugars which you’ll need to count as part of your total meal carbohydrate. Some fizzy drinks may have as much as 60g of carbohydrates. Consider the effects any drinks will have on your glucose level if you don’t give insulin to cover them! 

ItemCarbohydrate content (g)
Venti latte – (whole milk) – from Starbucks21.6 g
Venti caramel frappuccino – (whole milk) – from Starbucks54.5 g
Primo hot chocolate – (whole milk) – takeaway from Costa29.3 g
Massimo soya mocha latte – takeaway from Costa7.5 g
Chai latte – (semi-skimmed milk) – from Cafe Nero36.7 g

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