Technology burnout

It is very common for people to experience difficult thoughts and feelings related to their diabetes because living with an unpredictable health condition can be extremely challenging (see here for more information on this). These thoughts and feelings might be a sign of something called (diabetes distress) which happens when someone feels overwhelmed by how relentless diabetes can feel at times; these feelings can last from a few seconds through to minutes, hours, or even days and weeks at a time. 

A build-up of diabetes distress can tip into periods of “diabetes burnout” where a person with diabetes feels so overwhelmed that they might start to avoid self-management tasks for more significant periods; this then has the potential to impact upon their physical health.

You can click here to find lots of different approaches to managing diabetes distress and burnout.

Where to go for support 

For so many people, diabetes technology can reduce stress and burnout and offer a more positive, flexible way of managing diabetes with a greater sense of freedom. But for others, or at a certain point, it can make things more difficult, increasing the risk of diabetes distress and burnout, especially if they are dealing with these difficult feelings alone.

If you are worried about the impact technology has on your life or would like to discuss any aspect of technology further, you can talk to a healthcare professional in your diabetes team – your consultant, diabetes specialist nurse, or diabetes specialist dietician, for example. We also have a list of other helpful contacts here.  

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