Psychological benefits of technology

Some of the most significant technological advances over recent years have happened in devices that make it easier to self-administer insulin (insulin pumps) and to monitor glucose levels (flash glucose monitors and continuous glucose monitors.)  A more recent technology for taking insulin known as a partial closed-loop system allows the pump to release insulin based on readings from your continuous glucose monitor (CGM).  

Diabetes technology helps people to manage their diabetes better and has been linked with many positive outcomes:  Reducing diabetes distress and improving diabetes numbers and therefore physical health.

Here are some positive psychological benefits that people who use diabetes technology have reported: 

Hover over each picture below to find out what people living with diabetes have said about the benefits of using technology:

Person with T1D

"The pump becomes part of me rather than an extra thing to carry - one less thing to think about."

Person with T1D

"I used to have a lot of anxiety about giving injections in pump makes it discreet."

Person with T1D

"Technology helped me overcome a long period of burnout and has given me more control."

Person with T1D

"I've been living life a bit more since going onto a pump."

In what ways has diabetes technology helped you manage your diabetes and emotional well-being?

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  1. liz19573mcclymont

    Technology is scary when you are new to it, through my work I have become more confident using my laptop and other things we use, I am still old fashioned in that sense considering I still use a monitor with finger pricks rather than the sensor, and I am still injecting no pump for me. I suppose you would get the hang of it same as everything else in life.

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