T1DE Treatments

Eating disorders in Type 1 diabetes are becoming much more understood and new treatments are starting to become available. 

If you speak to your GP or diabetes team you can discuss what might be the next best steps for you.  You might discuss referral to an eating disorder service or to a psychologist in your diabetes team, if they have one.  In some areas of the country diabetes teams and eating disorders services are starting to work together to offer a joined up treatment.

Standard eating disorder treatments need some modifications to make them suitable and effective for people with Type 1 diabetes.  Your treatment should always have a space for diabetes within it. 

Treatment involves starting to take small steps, agreed together, steadily towards taking more insulin, re-establishing eating regularly and reducing other compensatory behaviours (like laxative use or driven exercise). It often will involve keeping diaries to help you keep track of your progress and to develop skills in understanding and managing your emotions.

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  1. liz19573mcclymont

    It must be really difficult for people living with type 1 and a eating disorder. Good info and advice in this course to help, but if must be hard to take those first steps and admitting you have a problem.

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