Longer trips and gap years

Most of the advice that applies to going on a two-week summer holiday applies to longer vacations, but there are a few extra things to think about. 

Extra tip

If you’re taking a longer trip, you may be required to have vaccinations! There is no reason that people with Type 1 diabetes can’t have any of the travel vaccinations – they are highly recommended to prevent illness whilst away. Get your vaccinations as far as possible in advance so that if they do make you feel a bit rough, you’ll be over the worst before your trip. The same goes for malaria tablets – there is no reason people with diabetes can’t have them but if they do make you feel a bit unwell, keep a close eye on what effect they have on your glucose levels.

Things on holiday that might cause a hypo:

-> High temperatures
-> Extreme low temperatures
-> Exercise, such as winter sports like skiing, hiking or swimming
-> Drinking alcohol. Though some drinks such as cocktails contain lots of sugar and can raise glucose levels, beware of the risk of delayed overnight/morning hypos especially if you are also late out at night clubs etc.
-> Be prepared, have ID and close friends who know your needs. Be able to check your glucose levels and have hypo treatment easily available.

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