Health on holiday

This page will give you tips on how to manage sickness while on holiday:

Try one dose of your travel sickness medication which are usually anti-sickness tablets. 

A doctor can prescribe an injection or suppository to try and stop any vomiting. 

Always take your long-acting insulin, but you only need to inject your short-acting insulin if you consume carbohydrate/sugary food and drink. 

Stop solid foods and have small, frequent sips of clean, cool, uncarbonated sugary or carbohydrate-containing drink. 

Test glucose levels every 1-2 hours. Use correction boluses if raised. 

If you have persistent vomiting – you must call for medical help. 

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  1.  Keep a really close eye on what your glucose is doing – you may need to test more frequently.
  2. Avoid tap water unless you’re sure it’s safe to drink. Remember, tap water will be used as ice in drinks and to wash salads and fruits. If you’re not sure whether tap water is sanitary, always ask.
  3. Carry wipes or alcohol gel. You may need these when doing a blood test before you eat, especially if you are in far-out places!
  4. Make sure you have plenty of quick-acting glucose on you at all times and if supplies are running low, find a local store and re-stock.

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