Insulin pumps and pregnancy

Insulin pumps can make it easier to keep your diabetes better managed during pregnancy. 

You may already use an insulin pump or you may not. Find out what you could do in either of these cases if you’re pregnant or planning pregnancy: 

If you use an insulin pump 

If you already use an insulin pump it is recommended that you make a duplicate basal profile (to go back to after your pregnancy) then you can make the changes required as your pregnancy progresses. You should expect to need to change both your basal profile and your insulin:carbohydrate ratios, often with a reduction at the beginning of pregnancy and a significant increase by the end. 

If you don’t use an insulin pump 

Insulin pumps can make it easier to manage the frequent changes needed to achieve good glucose levels. However, there is a lot to learn when starting insulin pump therapy, so it is not common for women to switch to a pump if they are already pregnant. You may want to consider making the transition to a pump if you are planning pregnancy, and your diabetes team will be happy to talk to you about this. 

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